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в Москве 18.07.2024


18 июля 2024
Summer Stage
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Pizza is a group founded in 2010 by Sergey Prikazchikov, who is the author, composer, and arranger of the songs. The band «Pizza» is well known to the general public, quickly and firmly establishing their unique musical niche and gaining a large army of fans. For several years now, the guys have been setting the tone for Urban Soul on the Russian music scene. «Pizza» is loved and known by everyone who appreciates special melodiousness, heartfelt vocals, and non-trivial lyrics. The group’s hits include «Friday», «Weapons», «Headlights», «Elevator», and «Romance». With three studio albums «Kitchen», «Around the World» and Zavtra, over ten music videos, hundreds of concerts, soundtracks for films and TV series such as «Youth», «Two Fathers, Two Sons», «Cheat If You Love», «Unreal Love», «Dad’s Breakfast», nominations for RU-TV, Muz-TV, OOPS! Choice Awards, Music Box, and the «MK» ZD Awards-2014 Soundtrack.После оплаты вы получите электронные билеты на ваш e-mail.
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Summer Stage

Москва, Summer Stage

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